HP Proliant DDR2 ECC modules, different connectors

PC2-5300u = non-ECC, unbuffered
PC2-5300e = ECC Continue reading


Reset iLO password on HP ProLiant server or Alert! iLO security override switch is set. Security enforcement is disabled.

It concerns HP DL320s

1) Shutdown Server
2) Locate System maintenance switch on the system board. ( there are 8, S1 to s8)
3) S1 is for iLO. By default its is OFF which implies “iLO 2 security is enabled”
4) Switch it to ON > “iLO 2 security is disabled”
5) restart Server.
6) acknowledge override message.
7) Shut down server.
8) Switch S1 back to default OFF.

Restart server, this time… U should be able to get into iLO using F8.