Shared vs Dedicated mode of ports in Nexus 7k

Hi..have you ever seen this error message while trying to configure a port?
“ERROR: Ethernet1/4: Config not allowed, as first port in the port−grp is dedicated”

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What Does DOM Mean for a SFP Transceiver?

If you take a look at the description of a SFP transceiver module, you will see the “DOM support” appeared in the product details. What does it mean? In fact, DOM or Digital Optical Monitoring as the words implies, is used for monitoring some parameters of the transceiver, which can help to identify the location of the fiber link failure, simplify maintenance, improve system reliability. Obviously a SFP with DOM function is high-ender than one without it. This is why most of modern optical SFP transceivers support DOM functions. To have a further understanding of DOM, some detailed information will be introduced in the following passage. Continue reading

How to Upgrade a Cisco Nexus 5500

Everyone usually gets nervous when it comes time for Core upgrades — or any upgrade for that matter. You never know what your gonna hit or if your maintenance window will be longer than it has to! Luckly your you reading this blog post, I’ll have setup by step instructions on what I did to get my Nexus 5ks upgraded to the latest suggested code as of this writing – Release 5.2(1)N1(7).

First, before any upgrade is done, you want to ensure you read the Release Notes for your particular version.. Continue reading