Real-time Performance Info with mytop Background

mytop is an open source tool that provides real-time performance statistics and query information for MySQL. It’s named after and inspired by the Unix operating system tool, top.

If you’re completing this procedure in our lab, we’ve pre-installed mytop for you. Otherwise, the install directions are in the README on Github.

The most comprehensive usage documentation is in the man page, which you can access with man mytop on a server that has mytop installed, or read on Github.

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How to view a list of MySQL users and their privileges

If you are running a multi-user MySQL database, handy commands that show a list of all existing MySQL users and their privileges may be on your cheat sheet. To find out all MySQL users and the permissions granted to each user, log in to your MySQL server, and run the following MySQL commands. Continue reading

How To Set Up MySQL Master-Master Replication


This second installment of “Scaling Web Applications” will list out the steps necessary for scaling a mysql deployment over two VPS. The first article in this series laid out the steps needed to load-balance nginx over two VPS, and it is recommended that you read that article first.

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