Determine the power status of a virtual machine on an ESX or ESXi host (1003737)


  • Run this command to verify the power state of the virtual machine.

    • In ESX – vmware-cmd <cfg> getstate

      Where <cfg> is the path to the configuration file as determined by the vmware-cmd –l command.

      For more information on the vmware-cmd command, see the VMware Scripting API.

    • In ESXi – # vm-support -x ( Note: For ESXi 5.x – # vm-support -V ) OR # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

      From the output, get the ID and then use it to run this command to check the power state:

      # vim-cmd vmsvc/power.getstate <Vmid>

  • For virtual machines on the ESX host, run this command to check if there is a process running for the virtual machine:

    ps –auxwww | grep –i VM_NAME

    This is a standard Linux command to list processes. If a process other than the grep command that you have just run shows up in this list, note the second value in the column. It is the process ID (PID) and may be required in later troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue.



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